Dairy-free Cheese Packaging

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Do Good Through Food


Plant-based Crew is a group of green food-lovers based in Hong Kong. The founder aims to introduce delicious plant-made non-dairy, allergen-free food and beverages to the public and showcase the power of nature. As a local-based vegetarian food supplier, Plant-based Crew’s challenge not only comes from the competition with foreign brands,but promoting local vegan choices to Hong Kong veggie and non veggie customers.


Align with visual identity design, graphics are chosen to present Plant-based Crew’s Cheese Range. The dandelion yellow, which embed brightness, enhances the cheerful image of the brand and emphasises the happiness every veggie is hoped to enjoy in their every single meal.


Plant-based Crew〔純素盟友〕是一群關心環境的美食愛好者。 創辦人希望以植物製成美味、無乳製品和無過敏原的食品和飲料,藉此向大眾展示植物的力量。作為香港純素食品供應商,Plant-based Crew除了面對外國進口品牌競爭,亦需向消費者〔包括非素食者〕推介本土純素食品。