Chap Hing

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Chap Hing, one of the leading frozen meat and seafood wholesalers in Hong Kong, is ready to move beyond the bloody, cold, wet images of frozen food companies. The rebranding project aims to refresh Chap Hing’s identity and highlights its craftsmanship in a vigorous, firm and tough style.


The design focus lies on the mixture of illustration and Chinese calligraphy. The crimson logo symbol, for example, speaks to Chap Hing’s company nature by merging simplified Chinese character 「興(Hing)」with graphics of grassland and ocean to subtly represent the business. On the logo, the company name「集興(Chap Hing)」is presented in black, Chinese calligraphy. The brush strokes from the old, traditional calligraphy tightly connect with Chap Hing's roots and attributes - boldness, dedication and hearty. The animals graphics for other PR materials also cover both meat and seafood. The careful, vivid and detailed sketching with a human touch softly expresses the company’s reliability and their food safety and quality assurance. Along with multiple applications including the company website, mobile apps, stationery and etc., the graphics are used to decorate and stylise trucks for food delivery. Chap Hing’s food logistics can stand out and be cool, what’s more, it looks perfectly professional.




設計主要從圖像及字型入手,例如新品牌標誌為「興」字簡化,赤紅底色配上海陸元素組成的圖形筆畫,精煉交代品牌業務。「集興」兩字則模仿碩黑毛筆筆觸,承傳品牌傳統的豪爽氣概。 而像真的動物圖畫同樣包括多款肉類及海鮮,素描畫風細膩富溫度,在宣傳品上顯得親民,溫和表現「集興」可靠衛生的形象。設計除了用於網頁、手機程式及公司文儀等處,更裝飾大型貨車,令食品運輸過程同樣有型出格,突顯專業質感。