Coffee Fantasy | 10

From Bean To Art


Nature has its own rhythms and often surprises us with limitless possibilities. Colombia Velasquez is definitely one of them. The coffee tree underwent natural mentation and created Caturra Chiroso - a brand-new type of strain with sweet, floral notes. To express gratitude for the gift of nature, an ungraded natural method is adopted to extract more sensual flavours and aromas of blossoms and sweetness. The perfect tasting notes are guaranteed under strict quality control.


The process of coffee dripping precisely mimics the washed method and fine quality control of yielding the bouquet. Dripping through the clear glass flower filter, every single drop of essence is grabbed. Butterflies are attracted to the pink, scented liquids, in a room full of beautiful aromas. The holder of the shiny flower-shaped filter is an extension of the frame’s structure. Inspired by the local castle’s architectural features as well as totems of the origin: Salgar, the carefully decorated frame adds extra layers to the poster design.


Colombia Velasquez是大自然送來的驚喜,產地中的咖啡樹出現了自然發生的基因突變,因而創造出一種新的帶有甜味與花香的菌株⸺Caturra Chiroso。為了不辜負大自然的美意,後期加工上採用了新式的水洗方法,以增強其獨有的花香與甜味,品質上的嚴格把關亦確保了其以最佳姿態示人。