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The new menu from Espresso Alchemy could be read as a vintage storybook – sleeping omelette, tomato pump, corn scale, tiger prawn surfing the spaghetti waves, salmon cooking soups in his suit, and more magical creatures are full of life on the unsmooth brown pages, which gives the aged rough paper texture of an old book. Together with magical creatures, mystical ingredients and a series of kitchenware created based on alchemical tools, the playful and menu highlights how the Alchemy re-defines dining experience with boundless imagination and adds fascinating creativity in every single dish.


Espresso Alchemy的餐牌更像是一本古老童話,封面是煉金術符號,翻開外層厚實皮革,熟睡庵列、蕃茄泵、粟米天秤、意粉浪上的虎蝦、穿正裝煮湯的三文魚...... 魔幻童趣躍於微黃粗糙的紙上,摸起來正是古書毛糙的觸感。一系列以煉金術工具為本的魔法廚具、奇幻動物、神秘食材被收歸煉金術師麾下,以幻想重新定義Dining,為菜餚添滿魔幻創意。