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La Meilleure Œnologie


We Need Wine is an online wine wholesale platform from Singapore which distributes French quality wine. They believe that wine is far beyond maturation and aging. It is the inexplicability, not to be explained but savoured every mouthful, the true essence of the bottled poetry.


Elegant and sophisticated, the brand’s quality is represented by two vintage colour Prussian Blue and Camel in its visual identity. We combine the modern French typography Didot with ingredients inspired by wine to stress the company’s ambitious yet graceful vision “La Meilleure Œnologie”, the best of oenology. A brand typeface is customised by bringing together the calligraphic ornaments that imitate the thin, twining and climbing grapevines as well as the signature features of Didot - simplistic thick and thin strokes that create memorable contrast. Exuding professionalism in a subtle and tasteful way, the grapevines-alike typeface echoes the brand’s fine wine business.