Smart CUHK Challenge

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Smart CUHK Challenge is organised by The Chinese University of Hong Kong to promote the development of smart city. The project aims to improve campus life by implementing innovative and sustainable measures, and extend the experience to wider community for a better social environment. Participants are CUHK students, alumnis and professional staff from different disciplines and professions. By engaging in various activities, they will build a Smart Campus together. 


The concept of “creativity in campus” is highlighted in the logo’s typography of “SMART”. The multi-dimensional “M” represents the creative thinking needed for smart design for the future. Fluid elements added in the creation of “M”  echo with the transformation and flexibility required for presenting the competition’s theme. The logo design is based on the motif “think in different angles”. When people finally reach the answer , “!” is what one could instantly feel . An exclamation mark is thus hidden and can be seen when the logo is reversed 90 degrees. The contrast of highly saturated purple and green adds vigour and intensity into the design. 


香港中文大學成立的 Smart CUHK Challenge,以推廣智慧城市為目標,活用創新和可持續方法建立智慧校園,希望為中大學生、教師及導師、校園使用者等建立更佳的校舍。更有望藉智慧校園的經驗,延伸及惠及至廣大社會。參加者均為中大師生或校友,他們將透過不同活動築起智慧校園。