Coffee Fantasy | 12

From Bean To Art


The representative character of Ethiopia Abera is the Somali Wild Ass from Ethiopia. The warrior in armor is showcasing Jebena Buna - a local traditional coffee ceremony. The ritual begins with the host spreading Tena Adam as well as a variety of flowers on the floor and table. Tena Adam, a plant with great vitality, refuses to die easily and grows abundantly as long as it is watered. Its passion for life is a precise metaphor to Ethiopians who embrace life with every breath.


The earthen jar and hot coals are essential in Jebena Buna. The round-shaped black, clay jar with narrow spout reminds people of the beautiful figure of a Ethiopian young lady. The engraved patterns on the spout and mouth of the jar is a strong tie to the splendid local culture. In Ethiopia, men are forbidden to make coffee. Women dressing in traditional costumes are the ones who serve the drink. The poster challenges the patriarchal order by transforming a docile Somali Wild Ass into a vigorous warrior. The strong, masculine character could also fill the cup with his well-built body!


Ethiopia Abera 以埃塞俄比亞的索馬里野驢(Somali Wild Ass)作主角,身披盔甲向眾人展示著產地中著名的咖啡儀式⸺咖啡道(Jebena Buna)。 該儀式需用一種名為「科特瑪(Tena Adam)」的綠草鋪成「道場」。生命力極強、只要有水便能旺盛地生長的「科特瑪」草展現了埃塞人們對生命的熱愛和對新生活的渴望。


在咖啡道中,陶壺與炭火爐是煮咖啡的必備之物。漆黑色的陶壺小口圓肚細腰,似是埃塞美女的身姿;壺頸和壺口所刻劃的圖案帶有濃烈的文化色彩。在當地傳統上,男人煮咖啡被視作禁忌。一般是由身着傳統服裝的埃塞女士烹製咖 啡作招待客人之用。畫中希望可打破常規,一改傳統中男專女卑的觀念,軟弱的驢化成了勇猛的將士,以剛強健碩的男性之姿用咖啡招待著每一位。