Coffee Fantasy | 07

From Bean To Art


The concept of Colombia Espinoza was inspired by a determined mind. Making an extra effort to deliver exceptional coffee, José starts from paying close attention to details of coffee picking in his farm. The farm is located in Andes, an area with favourable climate, nutrient-rich soil and high elevations. The fact that José’s harvest comes from a farm less than one hectare does not stop him from going further. He is always on the way to develop his farm and produce the best speciality-grade coffee one can give.


Andean condor, the cultural symbol of Andean regions, is presented in graphics as a symbol of José’s endeavour and courage. Though the coffee beans can be difficult to roast and take time for cooling down, José shows no regret in devoting time and effort to perfect his roast. The figure of a patient, professional Andean condor well represents the firmness of mind of José under the running of time gear.


Colombia Espinoza概念來自一顆堅毅不屈的心, 農夫José每天由採豆開始,花上大量時間與精力於製作優質咖啡豆。José的農地處於安地斯山脈,享有理想的氣候、土壤和地勢。即使他所擁有的咖啡田不足一公頃,有限的土地並沒有阻礙他努力上進的決心。百折不撓的他依然致力於在精品咖啡領域中自我提升並發展他的咖啡農場。