Chrysalis Silk Treasures

Alexandr & Co. |

Alexandr & Co. introduces its first luxury skincare line - Chrysalis Silk Treasures, which is imported from Europe and made in Japan. The main ingredient of the anti-aging series Silk Sericin, is identified for skin’s self-recovery and increasing vitality.


Inspired by the metamorphosis - chrysalis to butterfly, the packaging design echoes with the concept of Chrysalis Silk Treasures and emphasizes the process of beauty transformation. A cocoon is embossed on the Patriot Blue, special-textured paper, which subtly exhibits the protective and regenerative nature of chrysalis with its elegantly flowing lines. Unpacking the box, the colourful, silk-like graphics blossom to highlight the miraculous transformation.


Alexandr & Co. 是來自日本的護膚品牌。旗下的首個系列Chrysalis Silk Treasures由歐洲進口,日本製造,成份從天然蠶絲萃取,可對抗衰老,重賦肌膚新生。